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Meet Amanda - Founder and Owner of Spiritual Couture Collection ®LLC

Introducing Spiritual Couture Collection ®LLC: Unveiling a World of Light

Greetings! I am Amanda, and I am absolutely thrilled that destiny has led you to discover our sanctuary. At Spiritual Couture Collection ®LLC, My purpose is to share a radiant fragment of my inner Light with the world. Drawing from the extraordinary psychic abilities passed down through generations on my maternal side, I infuse each of our products with these gifts, aiming to serve as your healer, guide, and spiritual ally.

Embarking on the journey of awakening your Spiritual Gifts can be an overwhelming experience.

During my own path, I encountered a myriad of extraordinary occurrences:

- Heightened senses that unveiled hidden dimensions.

- Feeling an undeniable sense of otherness, a disconnection from my previous life.

- Sensing the emotions of both people and animals, forging a profound connection.

- Hearing thoughts that echoed beyond the boundaries of my own mind.

Through devoted meditation, potent energy healing practices, and a profound spiritual awakening, I have forged a connection with the Divine consciousness and harnessed the power of vibrational energies to transmute and translate messages. My life's journey has been filled with obstacles to overcome, a life changing NDE to unravel, traumas to process, move through and stop generational curses. I now comprehend that these trials were precious inherited gifts from the strong women in my family, and I am honored to walk this spiritual path.

* Clairaudience * Clairsentience * Clairvoyance * Claircognition

With time, I have honed these mystical gifts and acquired the discernment to decipher the profound meanings within the messages I receive. This allows me to fulfill my mission of guiding and assisting others. Each of our handcrafted items is lovingly charged with psychic and Reiki energy, meticulously fashioned to accompany you on your personal journey, offering healing, guidance, and an abundance of love.

By supporting me, you also support:

+ Women of Color - Empowering and uplifting the voices of women from diverse backgrounds.

+ Ethically Sourced Crystals, Herbs, and Ingredients - Respecting the Earth and honoring the sacredness of nature.

+ Women-Owned Small Businesses - Nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of women in our community.

+ Environmentally Friendly Practices - Embracing sustainable methods to protect our planet.

With boundless love,


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I am so addicted to your bath bombs that I’m back for my 3rd purchase. It’s amazing how quickly I get them. I love the special surprise wrapped in everyone. Your chocolate candle scents addictive, also. I’ll be back. Thank you!!!

Sandra M.

I can’t wait to receive my latest bath bomb purchase. Every bath seems like a visit to a tropical island with turquoise waters and wonderful fresh aromas. I’m totally obsessed with these, many of your wax melts, and your chocolatey candles. I just had to get another beautiful bracelet, too. I’m always amazed how quickly I receive everything. Thank you for all your amazing products!


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