Caring for Your Psychic-Charged Candles & Wax Melts

Caring for Your Psychic-Charged Candles & Wax Melts

Candle Care                                                      

- Trim wicks to 1/4 inch or about 6mm length before each burn preferably by using a dedicated wick trimmer

- Always burn the candle for 1-2 hours at any one time, ensuring that the wax has melted across the vessel. This prevents “tunneling” which in turn will cause inefficient burning

- Avoid drafts where possible. Drafts can cause an unsteady flame resulting in an uneven burn. If drafts are unavoidable, periodically rotate the candle to counteract any uneven burning.

- To minimize the risk of fire hazard, familiarize yourself with the safety labels found on the base of our candle vessels

- Never burn candles or wax melts unattended and ensure children and pets are supervised at all times when in use


Wax Melt Care                                                    

- Place your wax melts in a melt approved wax warmer

- Never leave burner/warmer unattended. Be sure to put it out or turn it off before leaving the room

- You can reuse your wax melt until the scent has faded. Once faded, remove wax residue, dispose of properly, and add a new wax melt!

- Keep out of reach of children and pets

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