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Spiritual Couture Collection®

108 Beads Obsidian/Tigers Eye Prayer Mala by Spiritual Couture Collection®️LLC

108 Beads Obsidian/Tigers Eye Prayer Mala by Spiritual Couture Collection®️LLC

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108 Beads
Obsidian/Tigers Eye
Prayer Mala 


Mala Prayer beads 📿 and it’s Culture have been around for over 3,000 years. Mala Prayer Beads have roots in Hinduism and Buddhism and are meant to help you focus your mind during meditation by saying Spiritual Mantras 108 times. The “beads” in a traditional mala are actually rudraksha seeds.  They come from different species of evergreen trees. These trees in Hindu are related to Diety Shiva. Yogic tradition these seeds are used in Japamala reciting mantras in meditation. 

Traditionally Mala have 108 beads. The number 108 is associated with “Om” in numerical form. The The largest bead, near the ends is known as the Guru. It has been said to hold the energy generated during Meditaion.

There are usually 108 beads on Mala’s, however over thousands of years many variations have come to light as well. Muslim cultures also have Traditional prayer beads, however they have similar but different spiritual meanings.

These Mala do not have knots in between the beads and can slide over the elastic string with ease. 

Mala beads, Mantras and Meditation help with mindful meditation and yoga practices. 
✨One of our practices at Spiritual Couture Collection®️ Includes Mala beads with Mantras and scents to help elevate and bring trance like states during Mindful Meditation. Please Enjoy! 🙏🏽💕🪬🪄✨ 


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