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Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC

Boba Milk Tea Aromatic Collection

Boba Milk Tea Aromatic Collection

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Boba Milk Tea Aromatic Collection
By Spiritual Couture Collection®️LLC

Since we are in love with Milk teas, Boba teas, green, black, red, blue teas…see where this is going?

This luxury perfume is 4 o.z.

🐰 All of our fragrances, mica, colorants, are skin safe, cruelty free, phthalate free, paraben free, vegan, and non-carcinogenic.🐰
Only Certified Organic Perfumers Alcohol - 100% Ethyl Alcohol used.

🍓 Strawberry Mochi Boba Milk tea Aromatic-sweet strawberry, cream, vanilla and rice flour milk. Strawberry boba. Very sweet.

🍈 HoneyDew Boba Milk tea Aromatic-honeydew, smooth tea, honey boba, milk.

🥭 Mango Boba Milk tea Aromatic-juicy mango, half and half milk, tea, and sweet honey boba.

🧋BrownSugar Boba Milk tea Aromatic-brown sugar, black tea, caramel drizzle, brown sugar boba, and milk.

🍠 Ube Boba Milk tea Aromatic-Ube sauce, vanilla drizzle, smooth tea, half and half, coconut milk, Ube sauce drizzle, brown sugar boba.

Mother Gaia gave us such wonderful plants to create and elevate. Teas are a cultural and spiritual way to connect. Here you will see our take on these wonderful tea drinks from around the world scented into whimsical creations.
As we create we mediate into our creations Love and Light from beyond the veils.
Please enjoy,

Spiritual Couture Collection®️LLC

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