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Ceramic Glazed Buddha incense/wax/resin burner

Ceramic Glazed Buddha incense/wax/resin burner

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Ceramic Buddha Head Essential Oil/resin/wax melt/incense burner with tea-light candle spoon to match. In black and white. Dimensions are LxWxH 4.25 x 4.25 x 5.63 inches. Please enjoy. 🙏🏽💕🕯🧘🏽‍♀️✨


⚠️Warning ⚠️  As with any candles and any incense/resin/wax melt burners of any kind, they can be extremely hot and should not be used around children or pets unattended. Use in well ventilated areas and away from flammable materials. Ceramic candle spoon can still be hot so be careful touching. Please follow all directions included. 

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