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Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC

Crystals of the Zodiac Collection by SpiritualCoutureCollection®️LLC

Crystals of the Zodiac Collection by SpiritualCoutureCollection®️LLC

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Crystals of the Zodiac Constellation….

Each single Double pointed Zodiac Constellation is Natural stone/crystal with golden etched zodiac and celestial signs by Spiritual Couture Collection®️LLC

These Crystals are about 7-8cm (2.75-3.14in)                They come with etched Sparkly golden Zodiac signs, Stars, Moons in….

🪄✨☀️ These are charged in the Arizona Vortex Sun.

Obsidian~ Black Obsidian is such a clarity stone. In crystal healing energy work it is used to release emotional, spiritual, mental, physical blockages and helps release negative energy, stress, tension and so is used for Protection of these.   

Rose Quartz~ Rose Quartz has a significant purpose in Higher Consciousness Spirituality as it is the stone of universal love.  In Spiritual work it can restore trust and harmony in relationships and encouraging unconditional love.  Connecting with the heart, promotes love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.  For us, it gives off tons of emotional Love and Light. With this energy it naturally expels energetic pollution and replaces it with Loving Higher Consciousness vibes. Used in Crystal Healing for Heart Chakra work.

Labradorite~Spirituality this stone has many uses and is linked to the Third eye and Crown Chakras for Higher self and the Divine….emotional Transformation and Change, Psychic, Higher Consciousness, 6th sense. Used in crystal healing and divination. 

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