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Gold Angel

Divine Codes Oracle Deck

Divine Codes Oracle Deck

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This deck is not one thing, it is everything. It will be exactly what you need it to be in every season of life. It will attune to your energy when you hold it and it will tell you exactly what you need to hear in that moment. 

Activating, loving, safe, truthful and divinely guided.

Divine Codes Oracle is a deck about LOVE. You are called to hold the frequency of love. You are called to be the embodiment of love and anchor it into the Earth Plane; working in conjunction with Mary Magdalene, Isis and Sophia energies.

This deck is bringing forth pure love consciousness, for we as a collective need it now more than ever. 

Know that you simply exist with this frequency and you are being asked to follow the bliss, your bliss. You have been chosen and called to be the anchor so those who need will find you. 

Deck Specs

  •  46 Card Deck with 80 Page Guidebook

  • Soft Velvet T!

  • Lavender Gilding

  • Magnetic Flip Keep Box 

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