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Spiritual Couture Collection

Opulence✨ in 16oz by Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC

Opulence✨ in 16oz by Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC

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✨Opulence✨ 16oz. 

✨Scent: Top notes: Magnolia Blossom

Middle notes: Frangipani + Jasmine

Base notes: Tobacco + Vanilla 

Perfume quality scent In a handmade metal unique bowl. It is completely matte black inside and out and 16oz. This candle has 3 wicks. This piece is made of Lux vegan Coco Apricot wax in natural cream color. 3 unique wax crystals in red are beneath the wax with magical eco sparkle for optimum visual enjoyment once lit. When this unique candle melts the layers combine in a magical way. Opulence could of course only be paired with 3-4 Opals. Please enjoy! By Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC

NOTE: This is a handmade item/ vessel Embrace the natural beauty of this item/vessel. Blemishes and variations are normal. Differences in size and angle of the bowl are normal. Variations of the finish are normal. NO  RETURNS OR EXCHANGES FOR ISSUES LISTED ABOVE✨

*Measurements are approximate as this is a handmade item

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