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Spiritual Couture Collection®LLC

Zodiac Candle Collection

Zodiac Candle Collection

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Zodiac Candle Autumn Collection

Zodiac Candles Collection 
Luxury Warm Autumn Scents Edition 16oz. 

Created with the intention to elevate the higher vibrational aspects of each of the 12 Zodiac signs. Each sign has these characteristics highlighted and that energy is amplified by a Clear Quartz Crystal along with meditations from beyond the veil. Candles to enhance the positive qualities and energy of each Zodiac sign. Clear Quartz Crystals are known for their amplifying properties, so pairing them with meditations from beyond the veil is a perfect combination. Clear Quartz can help to enhance clarity, focus, and overall positive vibrations, which can be beneficial for personal growth and self-reflection. I'm sure this collection will be a great tool for those who are looking to connect with their higher selves and embrace the unique qualities of their Zodiac signs~Spiritual Couture Collection®️LLC

At checkout advice which zodiac sign You like.  ♈️♉️♊️♋️♌️♍️♎️♏️♐️♑️♒️♓️ 

 Enchanting Ylang~ Top Notes of Bright bergamot and sweet mandarin citrus lead to a heart of sensual ylang-ylang, sweet fennel, and galbanum. A creamy, woodsy base of sandalwood, cedar, and patchouli adds depth and dimension to this sensual fragrance.

Salt Water Linen~ Cotton blossoms infused with lavender & sea salt will bring you to a peaceful spring day with freshly-laundered linens blowing softly on a sun-warmed breeze. Blue freesia, clean cypress & aquatic musk give this an airy texture.

Eucalyptus Rain~ Fresh yet minty mixture fusing eucalyptus, lovely lavender, mint, and rainbow wood.

Oak & Leather Infusion~ Worn, classic leather blended with burnt hazy oak. 

Amber Sandlewood Elixir~ Creamy luxurious sandalwood dances with amber woods, tobacco leaf and sweet vanilla.

Euphoric and Seductive Woods~ Sweet, sexy wood notes pair with evocative musk and amber in an arousing combination.

Mystical Amber Desert~ An exotic far away land in a rich  desert. Sweet sandalwood, warm amber, and heady jasmine collide with muskmelon and citrus.

Shea Butter Euphoria~ sweet, nutty, sexy combination of creamy shea butter, vanilla and luxurious sandalwood.

Cozy & Calm~ Top Notes: Pear Accord, Ambrette seeds, Clean AccordMiddle Notes: Iris Accord, Rose Petals, Orange Flower 
Base Notes: Patchouli Indonesia, White Woods, White and Creamy Musk

 Meditate & Elevate
Top note: Malabar Pepper + Deodor cedar (Himalayan wood of the Divine in Sanskrit language), which is thought to have healing qualities! 

Middle notes: Malabar Pepper 
Base note: Baltic Amber

Fragrance Family: Woodsy + Earthy  
Top notes: Lavender + Bergamot  
Middle notes: Katerini Tobacco  
Base notes: Balsam Fir + Teakwood

Sensual Spirit~    
Top Notes; Ripened Peaches  
Middle Notes; Dark Patchouli  
Finishing Notes; BlackRums
Unique, sensual conjuring of relieving    
stress and creating a mood to release. 

Vibrant & Vain~Fragrance Family: 
Earthy Floral 
Top notes:Cotton Blossom 
Middle notes: Dried 
Rose + Geranium 
Base notes: 
Incense + Amber




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